Late Coniacian (Late Cretaceous) Ammonites

Late Coniacian age cephalopods are found in reddish colored sandy beds in the Mancos Shale from north of Wellington almost to Cisco. These rocks were deposited in the Sevier Foreland Basin.

References: Cobban, W. A., 1951, Scaphitoid Cephalopods of the Colorado Group, U.S.G.S. Professional Paper 239; Kennedy, W. J., and Cobban, W. A., 1991, Coniacian Ammonite Faunas from the United States Western Interior, The Palaeontological Association (London), Special Papers in Palaeontology No. 45

S. depressus
Scaphites depressus Reeside 1927a

B. codyensis
Baculites codyensis Reeside 1927a and Phlycticrioceras trinodosus (Geinitz) 1850

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