Utah Fossil Cephalopods

The Lists
The following lists are of all fossil cephalopods I know of in Utah's rocks.  This is probably not an all inclusive list, but the most common and those described in the literature are listed.  I believe there are a lot more fossil cephalopods from the Lower Ordovician, but most are fragmentary or poorly preserved so good specimens will be needed.  There may be more in the Silurian rocks but they will be extremely rare, likewise for the Devonian.  There maybe some from the Pennsylvanian, more from the Permian and Cretaceous, but I have yet to find either references or fossils from these periods.   The first list is biostratigraphic, with taxa arranged by system, series, stage, biozone and formation.  The list of references is a mixture of Utah cephalopod references and some used for identification purposes.

Biostratigraphic List          Systematic List          References


The Anasibirites Beds

Mass Mortality?

a study or collection of data on the mass accumulation of ammonoid fossils in the Early Triassic Thaynes Formation in the Confusion Range, Millard County, West-Central Utah.

Juana Lopez Ammonites

A Guide to Some Mancos Shale Ammonites

Photographs of the common and rare ammonites found in the Juana Lopez and Lower Ferron Sandstone Members of the Mancos Shale in East-Central Utah

Manning Canyon Shale Cephalopods

Some Fossil Cephalopods from The Manning Canyon Shale

Latex casts and the external molds they were made from, showing a fauna of Mississippian (Arnsbergian, Lower Carboniferous) age, from a formation famous for it's Pennsylvanian plants

Lusitanoceras granosum Zone Cephalopods

The age of longitudinal lirae?

Some cephalopods from the Mississippian (Lower Carboniferous) Camp Canyon Member of the Chainman Formation in West-Central Utah