Oxfordian (Late Jurassic) Cephalopods

During the Late Jurassic the Redwater Member of the Stump Formation was deposited in the remnants of the Nevada Foreland Basin. The fossilized rostra of Belemnites are extremely common in this Formation.

References: Imlay, R. W., 1982, Jurassic (Oxfordian and Late Callovian) Ammonites from the Western Interior Region of the United States, U.S.G.S. Professional Paper 1232; Reeside, J. B. Jr., 1919, Some American Jurassic Ammonites of the Genera Quenstedticeras, Cardioceras and Amoeboceras, Family Cardioceratidae, U.S.G.S. Professional Paper 118 

Cardioceras hyatti
Cardioceras hyatti Reeside 1919, 81mm diameter

Goliathiceras (Pachycardioceras) russelli (Reeside) 1919, this specimen is 180mm diameter

Cardioceras spp


suture                      full
Cardioceras suture lines on the left.  From the small patch of broken away shell on the lower part of the fossil on the right.


Pachyteuthis densus ((Meek and Hayden) 1858

Pachyteuthis densus ((Meek and Hayden) 1858, a Belemnite
71mm long

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