Crushed Shell fragments
Prionocyclus novimexicanus?

crushed whorl side
  Crushed whorl with penny for scale.  Notice base of spine in upper left hand corner and small umbillical nodes or bullae below.  Most shell fragments from this locality are probably from the living chamber, but some have been found with some of the inner whorls preserved (crushed of course).  A complete shell has not been found, most ammonites found in situ at this locality are only about 30% complete.  I have not found a specimen at this locality with the venter preserved so I cannot identify them with absolute certainty.  Found a few meters above the Juana Lopez Member in the main body of the Mancos Shale near the railroad siding of Grassy, Emery County, Utah

spine base w/plug? end view
 Spine base with possible plug of nacreous shell.
End view of shell at right shows both sides of shell with two spine bases pushed against each other.
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 The spines shown below are hollow and also crushed.  Internal molds of these fossils would have nodes where the spine bases are.
complete spine
A smaller spine with a complete tip

large spine
A large spine
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end view of spine
End view of a spine

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